Mistakes to Avoid While Purchasing A Refrigerator

Buying a new refrigerator is a big investment. There are many features you need to consider. Just visit the store and choosing randomly can be a huge mistake. Just good looks are not sufficient. The appliance must ensure to give the best money value.

Mistakes to avoid while purchasing a refrigerator

Choosing the wrong fridge type

You will come across single, double, triple, French, and side-by-side door refrigerators. Determine the size of your family. If you are a bachelor, then a single door unit is sufficient but if you are planning to get married in near future then go for a double door. If you are married then a double door is good, but consider the capacity, for example, a 350-liter medium size unit is good enough.

A non-veg joint family will need a large freezer. They are better off with a side-by-side door fridge with 40% freezer space. Family with more than ten members can look at the LG French door refrigerator on meselectros, an online home appliance store. It will help you to organize drinks and food better. The bottom freezer is great to store fruits and vegetables. As it makes use of innovative cooling techniques, the temperature gets controlled precisely and it saves significantly on energy bills.

Ignoring the dimensions

Modular kitchens are inflexible in terms of depth and width of appliances. You don’t desire to struggle with insufficient space while opening the door. Therefore, measure the available space twice before you make a final decision. Ensure that there is sufficient room for opening the refrigerator’s door.

Overlooking energy consumption

Energy rating defines the refrigerator’s annual energy consumption. It is a crucial feature that needs to be considered seriously while buying. It impacts the serving life of the appliance. The best refrigerators are ones with a 5-star rating because they consume the least energy and come with a price tag. You can at least choose a 3-star energy efficiency refrigerator.

Choosing wrong finish

The finish determines the appliance’s compatibility with your room décor or not. If a wrong color or finish is chosen the unit may look awkward. The refrigerator you choose needs to complement the interiors. You get to choose from a variety of colors and finishes. If you are unsure then silver, white and black are no-brainer picks. For a bold look choose bisque, slate, or purple with accented rims.

If you are looking for cheap refrigerators then remember there can be a compromise on quality. Even don’t restrict to specific top brands. Create a budget and consider the utility cost along with the appropriate size before you visit online to check the different types of refrigerator models on!

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