Must-Have Bathroom Supplies for Your Bathroom Renovation

Renovating is a great excuse to update the decor and functionality of your bathroom. But you might be wondering where you shouldstart. What gadgets and upgrades do you need to include in your new bathroom? What will really improve your life and feel luxurious every time you use your bathroom to bathe and get ready in the morning? Thisarticle lists some of the top bathroom supplies to consider when updating your bathroom. 

Heater Exhaust Fan Sets

It’s important that your bathroom is well ventilated, well heated and not too steamy. All of these ends can be achieved with heater fan lighting sets. No doubt you will be more comfortable when you have sufficient heating in your bathroom and the room is lit up as appropriate for the task at hand. For example, applying makeup requires strong lighting, while relaxing in the bath might require low lighting. It’s good to have the right ambience for any situation. Lighting is often one of those commonly forgotten bathroom supplies for people renovating their bathrooms, but it can have a large impact on the space.

Shower Heads and Taps

Shower heads and taps are another example of bathroom supplies that can really make a difference to the look and feel of your bathroom. For example, separate hot and cold taps are largely outdated these days, left behind in favour of the mixer tap which combines both hot and cold in one tap. These mixer taps are much more convenient and easier for everyone to use, including the elderly. In addition to themixer tap, there is also the adjustable shower hose, which is very convenient for a range of reasons. For example, the lady of the house can easily shave her legs while the male can shave in the shower with the directional power of the shower hose. If you have children or pets, giving them a bath or shower with the shower hose has never been easier. Usually a shower hose also comes with a beautiful waterfall shower head so you can have your choice of how to bathe. 

Shower Niche

You might be wondering what a shower niche is. You wouldn’t be the first person to wonder! Put simply, it’s a little shelf built into your shower area where you can place your shampoo and soap within easy reach. Gone are the days of rusted-out shower caddies and other holders. These days, it’s possible to do things with a little more design flair. Bathroom supplies can be both useful and beautiful, so it’s worth thinking about this when you renovate your bathroom. 

Wall Hung Vanities

Wall hung vanities are the newest and best option when it comes to vanity units in the modern bathroom. No longer is it hard to clean around your vanity unit, and you can say goodbye tostruggling to find the makeup you want at the back of the cabinet. Life is simplyeasier with a wall hung vanity unit, making it one of the must-have bathroom supplies when renovating.

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