New York City- People and Economy

New York is undeniably a vibrant and bustling city that is the most populous in the world.  It is an enormous city with 5 of its boroughs which is equivalent to a large city on its own.  The five boroughs have several attractions for sightseeing, restaurants offering lip smacking delicacies, a super cool nightlife and some of the most luxurious accommodation listings.

 New York City also referred to as NYC, has a population of 8.2 million that makes it the largest Metropolitan area in the USA.  As per data of 2014, NYC is one of the largest 15 metros in the world. You can refer to the NYC maps for the places of tourist attraction.

The city covers an area of 305 square miles and lines are the mouth of the Hudson River in the southernmost part of the state.   New York City is a centre for food lovers, fashionistas, media, culture, art, research finance and trade. You can various centre on NYC Maps.

Aside from London New York City is considered as one of the two “world cities”. A loved place for art and culture lovers, New York City as many museums, galleries and theatres. You can check their reviews and rating on New York City map.  Not only that NYC is also a hub of finance and trade and houses most of the headquarters of the reputed multinational organizations.

Since the New York City has its impact on the world in many spheres, all the political and financial decisions made within the boundaries of this city, brings about major changes in the global scenario.

 People from all over the world irrespective of their ethnicity live in the New York City which makes it one of the biggest cosmopolitan cities in the world. English is the major language that is spoken in the City although you might get to hear other languages in other communities as well.

There are clusters of Latino Hispanic population and there are many New Yorkers who speak Spanish. However, you might find areas inhabited by people of Cantonese or Mandarin origin.  Though they may not be very fluent in English, those people continuously deal with tourists more or less speak English.

The Attacks of 11 September 2001 on the World Trade centres was a shared ordeal for all the New Yorkers. Despite the upsetting events the city and its inhabitants have gone a long way in coping with the shock and reviving themselves.

New York City is the hub to 46 Fortune 500 companies. Its gross metropolitan product represents approximately 9% of the total American economy.  New York’s ever-expanding economy and the openness towards the masses is the main reason why millions migrate to the city every year from all over the world.

New York City is the home of the two largest US Stock Exchange markets the NYSE and the Nasdaq. The famous Wall Street houses the New York Stock Exchange market and as well as the famous investment banks.  It also is the hub of the major financial investment firms.

Change is the essence of life and so has the city experienced so much that if you compare its present image to a photo that belong to a couple of decades earlier you will not be able to recognize the city at all.

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