Pelvic Pain Elimination Procedures to Help You Lead a Pain-Free Life

Pelvic pain is a significant issue that can take a huge toll on your life, especially if you fail to see a doctor soon. Samwell Institute for Pain Management has the right tools to help eliminate your pain and help you lead a more normal life. When you find an expert of pelvic pain in Colonia, you can benefit from spinal cord simulations and other types of treatments that can improve your quality of life gradually by rescuing you from pain.

What are the impacts of pelvic pain?

Pelvic pain is an issue that affects the pelvic area. Your issue can range from mild to extreme pain, affecting the way you lead your life. Regions most affected by pelvic pain include the hips, abdominal region, or lower back. Various issues that might lead to your symptoms include:

  •         Neuropathy
  •         Women’s health issues
  •         Post-menopausal pain
  •         Musculoskeletal injuries
  •         Dorsal root ganglion problems
  •         Complex regional pain syndrome
  •         Injuries in your spinal cord

Your pain varies according to the extent of your underlying problem. You could have a throbbing pain that significantly affects your lifestyle or a mild form of pain that dissipates independently. However, when the pain comes between you and your daily lifes, visit Samwell Institute for Pain Management for faster relief.

What do you expect during a pain management session?

Dr. Shah, the head of the treatment, will help you understand the risks involved and the results of most treatments available. You will receive a review of your medical history to help pinpoint the underlying cause of your problems. Dr. Shah can also employ the use of MRI scans, X-rays, and CTs to improve the accuracy of the diagnosis. After the examinations, your doctor will recommend a treatment option best suited to eliminate your problem.

What type of treatment can help you eliminate pelvic pain?

Your treatments will depend on the recommendation of Dr. Shah. Additionally, you will receive the best care when you have a chronic form of the problem, and the most probable ones include:

  •         Medications

Dr. Shah will provide you with some medications that have certification in treating the symptoms of pelvic pain. Gradually, you will notice a return in comfort and increased quality of life.

  •         Spinal cord stimulation

This technologically based treatment uses currents to eliminate pain in your spinal cord. Dr. Shah will implant it near your spinal cord to work effectively by sending the impulses to your spinal cord.

  •         Dorsal root ganglion stimulation

This type of treatment resembles the spinal cord stimulator and works by using electrodes near your dorsal roots. Your doctor will fit the device to interact with nerve cells and reduce some of the pain in that region.

  •         Radiofrequency ablation

This treatment interrupts the work of the nerves and offers sudden relief to your situation.

Benefit from the state-of-the-art therapies that will eliminate your pelvic pain with a visit to Samwell Institute for Pain Management. Start your pain-free life by reaching the center through a call or book your appointment online using the scheduling tool.

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