Purchasing A Diamond Engagement Ring – Know Why They Are Popular

Few things become icons for many reasons. There is a tradition of proposing with a diamond or gemstone rings from many generations that continue even today. As per the rituals, an engagement ring will be worn on ring finger of left hand.

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Here is some information about engagement rings that help you in choosing the right one to propose and express your love to your better half.

Diamond engagement rings

Rings worn on the ring finger symbolizes love and lifelong relationship with each other. The reason for choosing ring finger is because it is believed that the vein of the finger is directly linked to a person’s heart.

Most of the people love to wear diamonds, so they visit leading jewelry stores that display stunning collection of engagement rings. Initially, diamonds were worn by only rich and royalty, but these days many people are showing interest in purchasing diamonds to surprise their loved one on their special day.

Why to choose diamonds?

Diamonds are being exported from countries like South Africa from 1800’s. It is during this time that the design of rings changed significantly. It is believed that diamonds help cure certain diseases. Nearly thousands of years back diamonds were used in many ornaments.

An Australian Archduke Maximilian proposed his girlfriend Mary Burgundy with a special diamond ring for the first time. From then, the tradition of proposing with diamond began.

Earlier, engagement rings were less romantic compared to these days. Usually, they were worn as a token of ownership, but now they have become a symbol of love, commitment, and partnership. You can find diamonds in different shapes, colors, and sizes in the stores of Singapore. Fancy colored diamonds are the right alternative to white colored traditional engagement ring.

There are many stores that sell diamond rings in Singapore but gather information and choose one that sell high-quality diamond rings of unique style. Visit the store today and select your favorite style diamond ring for your loved one to celebrate your love on your special occasion.

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