Questions to Ask When Looking for a Tattoo Artist

When seeking a tattoo artist, it is advisable to take caution when deciding on the person to create it. The cleanliness of the tattoo studio is of the utmost importance. There must be a hygienic quality at the studio as well as the tattoo artists. Once you have ensured that the studio meets the criteria, there are a few things to ask the potential artist to make sure you will love the tattoo for the years to come. Some of the questions include:

What is the favorite tattoo style of the artist?

You may request to look at the tattoo artist portfolio on wall posters or the business website. This helps to identify an ideal artist who deals with the tattoo designs you wish to draw on your skin.

For how long has the tattoo studio been in the industry?

With this, you get to learn about the stability of the studio. The longevity of a tattoo studio indicates top-notch practices and happy customers.

For how long has the artist been in the tattooing business?

It is comforting to learn more about the artist’s background before engaging the professional. The artist should be willing to respond to your queries more if you are seeking to get your first tattoo. An ideal artist makes you feel comfortable and reassured as much as possible.

Does the artist or studio do customized tattooing work?

By asking this question, you get an idea of how good an artist is. An artist with good talent prefers to freehand the majority of the tasks and brings out exceptional results.

What Does Tattoo Designing Take?

In the scenario that you are considering getting your first tattoo, it is vital to know about the sector. There are a few things you need to understand about the requirements of designing tattoos. For one to qualify as an ideal tattoo designer, here is a list of qualities one should possess:


In most tattooing studios, there are predesigned images ready for inking on the body on the walls. Equally important is a picture book that contains the designs posted on the wall. When embarking on getting top-notch tattooing services, it is recommended that you peruse the images. With this, you get an idea of the expertise of your potential tattoo designer. Settle for an artist with good images on the portfolio.


Just like any other artist, professionals in the tattooing industry polish and hone their skills. The artists may attend trading exhibitions and show to acquire more new ideas. An ideal artist undertakes relevant research from experts and people who have been in the industry for an extended period. The best tattooing artists research fine-tuning ways to assist in rendering amazing results. Artists that possess integrity do not tattoo people who are too young or drunk. This industry demands ethics: it requires hygienic practices and tools.


Most artists in a tattoo shop work in conjunction. Similar to most teams, some members are deemed stronger while others are seen to be weak. An ideal artist will assist in improving the service delivery of lesser or younger artists. A keen search through various portfolios will enable you to identify an artist with a great vision.

Some tattooing professionals focus on a particular motif. For instance, an artist may be specialized in drawing portrait tattoos, while another professional may be handling dragon tattoos. An artist that is confident is the best at delivering quality drawings and sketches. Such artists can view things that other artists do not see. In addition, the artist will present work and ideas as an expert and professional.

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