Should Your Company Be Doing Instagram Marketing Or Not

Since 2018 Instagram is the digital home to over one billion active users, making it one of the most popular social media networks in the world.

The site is easy to use and understand too. Users share images accompanied by text and hashtags with their followers who in turn like and comment on these posts.

With so many users and such a simple premise, incorporating Instagram into your brand’s social media marketing strategy is a must.

Why marketing your brand on Instagram is a good idea.

Instagram can be a powerful asset to any business. Best of all, it’s is free and easy to use.Here are a few ways your brand will benefit from using Instagram as a marketing tool.

  • Sign Up For A Business Profile

Instagram gives you the option of categorizing your profile as a business or personal blog. Choose the business option to add extra features to your profile such as directions and contact information (email and phone numbers). The business profile option also gives you access to analytical data so you can track the success of your posts.

  • Expand Your Reach

Like we mentioned earlier, Instagram is home to a loads of active users. By using Instagram in your marketing strategy you will have the ability to expand your audience reach.

  • Helps Big and Small Businesses

It doesn’t matter if your brand has global recognition or if you run small bakery, Instagram levels the playing field for everyone. Big and small brands have the same level of access to potential customers. It all depends on your posts, content and interaction.

  • Increase Your Visibility

When you’re just starting out as a new business attracting attention to your brand online can be challenging. Fortunately there’s an easy fix – Instagram hashtags. Hashtags are popular phrases or words that are relevant to your content. When someone looks through the results feed of a particular hashtag search, your brand becomes visible. This will increase awareness of your brand. And if people enjoy your content it will also help to grow your following.

  • Effectively engage with customers

One of the greatest perks of social media is the ability to engage with your audience. People love being asked to share their thoughts and opinions on things. By connecting with people you can learn about their likes and dislikes which can help you improve the content of your posts in the future.

  • Allows You To Be Creative

Instrgram promotes creativity.  With its “story” function you’re able to create fun posts with a personal touch. The “live” function allows you to post streams in real time. By using these posting options you’re able to give your brand a relatable personality that will resonate with your audience.

  • Collaborate With Influencers

Social media influencers are extremely popular at the moment. And there are thousands of people who offer their promotional services to brands on Instagram. Teaming up with an established influencer in your niche can do wonders for your business because they have a strong following of their own. This can help expand your reach and promote brand awareness.

  • Compare Notes With The Competition

If you’re thinking about marketing your brand on Instagram your competitors probably are too. It’s always a good idea to check out the competition to see if you’re on the right track. Things to look out for are interaction with their followers and post frequency. This information can be useful when determining the tone and frequency of your posts.

  • Shoppable Posts

Instagram is always improving and updating its features. With “shoppable posts” you’re able to add tags to photos featuring products. These tags are linked to a “shop now” option that takes the user to your website’s purchase page were they will find prices, descriptions and more.


With so many active users on Instagram you can’t afford not to incorporate it into your digital marketing strategy. If you brand is still finding its feet on Instagram you’re just a social media marketing course away from mastering the skills you need to get started.

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