Significance Of An Annual Wellness Exam

Most people don’t go to see their doctor unless they are sick. Either they’re too busy with their lives, or they don’t think a wellness exam is important when you’re fit, or at least appear so. Many fail to realize that a wellness exam is essential for staying healthy and possibly preventing potential diseases. 

Maintaining regular check-ups at your doctor will help you stay alert about any physical problems, such as a chronic disease. It can also help you discover diseases in your body and cure it before it gets worse. 

Dr. Kyle Scarborough at Family Life Medical can help you with your annual wellness exam and help you to take the proper steps towards a healthy life. 

Significance Of A Wellness Exam

Wellness exams help you stay updated about your body. Suppose you went to the doctor three years ago and at that time, your body was doing fine. But within three years, your body changes or develops a disease that does not appear on the outside. 

When these diseases are not diagnosed and treated, they later develop into their worst form and affect your health. When you go to the doctor and find out about these diseases that can no longer be cured or require surgery, you must spend a hefty amount of money. 

By checking for these diseases beforehand, you can prevent them when they’re still in their initial form and thus non-fatal. 

How Often Should You Get Yourself Checked?

Opinions may vary on this one. How frequently you should get checked depends on your age, current health record, and risk factors. If you’re confused about how often you take a wellness exam, you can consult your doctor about it. A doctor can suggest the best. 

For people under 50, it is recommended to get a routine physical check-up every three years, and for people above 50, a medical test once a year is recommended. If you have a chronic disease, you should see your doctor more often, say once a month. 

Affordable ways to get regular check-ups:

Healthcare is costly in the United States, and we understand that it might not be possible for everyone to get checked up regularly. Some people have health insurance, but there are several cost-effective options for those who don’t. 

  • Free clinics

Not every city has a free clinic, so be sure to do your research to find the closest one near you. If you have one in your city, getting a check-up should be scheduled in advance. 

  • Charity care

Charity care is a financial aid organization where free medical service is provided to people who cannot afford private healthcare. You can check the eligibility for this online. 

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