Simple Remedies to Help Obtain Relief From Red Eye

Red-eye is a common eye problem among adults, and many kids have started experiencing it mostly due to continuous exposure to screens. Red-eye may not be a cause of concern, but the irritation and discomfort caused can be distressing. Fortunately, when you find a Frankfort optometrist at Nicholas Rutkowski, O.D. and Associates, you can note dramatic improvements due to their diagnostic equipment and treatments for the issue.

Why should you worry about red-eye?

Red-eye is an eye condition caused by the blood vessels irritation and inflammation in the white part of your eyes known as the sclera, causing them to appear bloodshot or pinkish. Red-eye is not usually associated with underlying health conditions, but it can be quite irritating if not treated. The team at Nicholas Rutkowski, O.D. and Associates have made a dramatic improvement in treatments that can relieve the discomfort caused by your red-eye and will have your irritations disappear gradually with medication.

What common reasons can lead to red-eye?

Red-eye results from the following factors:

  •  Computer vision syndrome (staring on your screen for too long)
  •  Conjunctivitis
  •  Lack of enough sleep
  •  Eye allergies
  •  Wearing contact lenses throughout the day
  •  Dry eyes
  •  Chronic exposure to chlorine in swimming pools
  •  Inflammation of the eyelid or blepharitis
  •  Putting on old contact lenses
  •  Inflammation of the central part of your eye or uveitis
  •  Corneal abrasion

There are rare cases where the red-eye is a sign of serious illnesses such as glaucoma.  You should get an eye check-up to determine the reason behind your chronic red eyes to prevent serious issues that can lead to blindness. The professional team at Nicholas Rutkowski, O.D. and Associates start the process with a review of your family and medical history and your lifestyle, then conduct a thorough eye examination to determine the root cause of your chronic red eyes. Afterward, they discuss with you various treatment options to relieve your red eyes.

How do you effectively treat red eyes?

The most common medication for relieving red-eye caused by infection is antibiotic eye drops. If you have red eyes due to wearing contact lenses for a long time, computer vision syndrome, allergies, and dry eyes, the team may recommend making a few changes to prevent the issue’s reoccurrence. Additionally, the considerate team at Nicholas Rutkowski, O.D. and Associates may advise you to make changes in your phone or computer use and use remedies such as lubricating eye drops and eye compress to get rid of the irritation causing red eyes. It is also recommended that you see your doctor immediately if the red-eye is accompanied by symptoms such as eye pain, sensitivity to light, or changes in your vision. 

Red-eye is a mild eye problem but may mean other severe eye complications if ignored. If you experience irritation and discomfort due to red eyes or need more information on the treatments, make a phone call or book an appointment online today. 

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