Simple Tricks to Disguise Bookshelf Speakers

Investing in affordable, portable, and versatile bookshelf speakers for your home is a smart move. The speakers can be placed in elevated spaces, including the bookshelf, table, or a stand, among other spots. Whether as a two-way or three-way model with a small midbass driver(s) and tweeter, the compact and powerful speakers can supercharge your movies or music listening experience. Finding bookshelf speakers from ELAC matching your needs is easy. Nonetheless, after buying the speaker, it might not feel right in your living space, especially if it sticks out from the rest of your design. If you are considering ways to disguise the bookshelf speaker, here are a few simple and practical measures you can try.

Dial down

Making the speaker less conspicuous can do the trick. If it feels more in your face, you can reconsider its positioning and recede it into the bookshelf. You can also dial down its dominant features by swapping the speaker grille with one that seamlessly blends with the rest of your décor. Grille cloth is also a practical hack, especially as it is an easy and affordable way to dial down the speaker’s dominating feature. Unless you want the speaker to be the focal point less conspicuous display makes the room look and feel right.

Decorative covering

Is your space limited? An in-wall setting can help you disguise the speaker and get the most out of the small space. You can also consider acoustically transparent art, hiding the speaker without affecting the sound quality. With such decorative covering, you can easily keep the speakers hidden, enhance a room’s vibe, and maintain good sound quality.

Use framed fabric speakers

While it requires deconstructing the speakers, the approach is effective, especially as you can personalize the frame to your liking. Bring your creativity to life, and get your hands a little dirty to develop the frame. You need materials such as a decorative frame, fabric, and wood. Considering your décor and decorative requirements, you can personalize the speaker’s look, ensuring that it complements the rest of the room and remain disguised.

Go for the cabinet

Cabinets or media console offers a great way to place and disguise your bookshelf speakers from ELAC in your living room. But wait, what about those solid doors; won’t they affect the acoustics? Swap the door with speaker screens, cloth, or metal grilles if it is all-around solid. Pop out that glass-framed cabinet and swap it with acoustically transparent fabric. It is not such a hassle, and it instantly disguises the speaker.

Smart shopping

If you aren’t as handy or don’t want to do the extra work, the simplest way to disguise the speakers is smart shopping. As you hit the market, consider your design and décor, and pick a speaker that complements the setting. With the many designs available, you can find a speaker you wouldn’t want to hide, especially as it adds charm to your room.

Are you looking for an active or passive speaker? Bookshelf speakers from ELAC got you covered. With a range of designs and features, you’ll find a speaker matching more than your sound quality needs, especially considering your unique interior design aspect.

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