Simple Vacation Rental Cleaning Mistakes You Shouldn’t Make

Owning a rental property like a vacation rental or an Airbnb seems like a sweet deal. Your guests stay for a couple of days and you earn more than you would by actually renting out the apartment to tenants. But there is a part of the story only owners know and know it too well: the time before and after your guests are gone. This involves doing a lot of cleaning chores which no one likes. There’s a lot of scrubbing, dusting, cleaning, and washing in a vacation rental owner’s job description.

However, some homeowners have found the perfect solution – hiring a vacation rental cleaning service like MaidThis Myrtle Beach. For an affordable price, they can get their place sparkly clean, which leads to better reviews and ultimately, more bookings. And they are still making a profit, even when you count in the price of Airbnb cleaning services.

In this article, we are going to share some of the most common vacation rental cleaning mistakes new owners often make that tend to get them bad reviews right off the bat.

Procrastinating on The Cleaning

Every owner has done this at some point. Neglecting to clean your vacation rental until the very last minute isn’t a huge deal if it happens sometimes. But if it becomes a habit it can be a very dangerous one for vacation rental owners.

If you leave the cleaning until hours before new guests arrive, you are bound to miss something. Whether it is emptying the trash can, or forgetting to disinfect the toilet, it can be a problem. Most guests won’t be so kind to clean after themselves, and some will outright try to make as big of a mess as possible. Make sure to assess the mess your guests have left after they are gone so you know exactly what needs to be worked on, whether it’s the dishes, towels or the overflowing garbage.

Trying to clean a mess like that in a few hours is not only bound to be sloppy, it’s going to be a very demanding chore that will leave you with a lot of stress. And since guests won’t tolerate a messy apartment, that’s not something you can just skip doing.

If you hire a vacation rental cleaning company, you can time your cleanings so that they fall between guests. Professionals are bound to do a better and more thorough job faster.

Being Unclear with Your Professional Cleaners

There are a million reasons why you should hire a cleaning company to handle the vacation rental cleaning, first of all being they work in teams of experienced professionals.

But every vacation rental is different, and you are bound to have some special requests. Make sure to point out if some areas need some extra love or need to be on their minds when they are cleaning. When you first hire a cleaning company you could give them a brief tour of the home and point the problem areas out. If you hire a good cleaning service, it’s likely they’ll offer to have your rental cleaned by the same people whenever possible, depending on availability.

Settling for ‘Good Enough’

There are some times when perfectionism can be a bother. This is not one of them. When it comes to cleaning your Airbnb rental, you’ll want to make sure everything is absolutely perfect, because that’s exactly what your guests will expect.

If you ever say the words “good enough” there’s bound to be something that’s not ready. That might be something that prompts your guests to leave a bad review. And good reviews are well worth the extra effort put into cleaning. Needless to say, more positive reviews will result in a rise in your occupancy rate.

It’s easy to go from “good enough” to not caring, which is bound to lead to bad reviews and fewer bookings. That is why hiring a cleaning service to do an immaculate job will be well worth it in the long run.

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