Taking a Look at the Role of a Land Surveyor

Land surveyors in Melbourne perform an important role and can work in a variety of settings, from assisting with the planning and building of new infrastructure through to helping with road construction and environmental monitoring. This article will take an in-depth look at the role of surveyors, including what their day to day activities look like and situations where you might need to hire a surveyor.

What Does a Surveyor Do?

Surveyors in Melbourne complete tasks both on project sites as well in an office setting. On site tasks can involve performing a range of complex measurements in order to gain a detailed and accurate profile of the land. These measurements and land profiles are usually then handed off to an architect or developer to assist them in the building of new infrastructure or the repair of damaged infrastructure.

What Equipment Does a Surveyor Use?

One of the main pieces of equipment surveyors in Melbourne rely on is a total station. A total station looks similar to a camera mounted to a tripod, however, total stations are used for more than just basic image capturing. The precision telescope inside a total station, referred to as a theodolite, helps surveyors accurately measure the distance between points on a vertical or horizontal plane. This advanced piece of equipment helps surveyors gain a complete picture of the surroundings and mitigates the need for a costly revisit to a site, as well as allowing for high-quality image capture in most weather conditions.

The data gathered on site is usually then taken back to an office setting and assists surveyors in creating detailed maps for architects and developers. These surveys help clarify what can be developed legally and realistically on the land.

Why Are Surveyors Important?

Surveyors in Melbourne are critical in the development of any infrastructure project as well as most residential housing developments. Without the aid of land surveyors, construction would suffer from poor planning and likely drag on long past project deadlines due to inaccuracies in the distances between the construction project and its surrounds. This would invariably lead to costly rebuilding projects that most developers simply wouldn’t have the time or finances for. In combination with engineers, builders and architects, surveyors help to provide a complete picture of the surroundings for development.

When Would You Need to Hire a Surveyor?

As land surveyors in Melbourne work across many different areas and industries, there are a number of situations where you might consider hiring one. These include:

Residential Property

While not only vital in the development and construction of new houses, surveyors can also help you efficiently subdivide your land, conduct strata surveys and ensure boundary lines between you and your neighbours or you and any commercial buildings in your surroundings are correct and in line with council instructions.

Commercial Property

If you’re planning to build a commercial property to conduct business on, surveyors in Melbourne can assist you in ensuring your new office building or cafe will actually fit on the land itself and not impede upon any boundaries.

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