Telecommuting: Become a Pro at Working from Home

Telecommuting used to be a luxury that was awarded to efficient and trusted employees or an unavoidable reality for business people who had to travel for work frequently. But recent times have shown that almost anyone with a desk job can work from home without losing productivity.

It is a major shift in the way businesses will have to approach office spaces, but for you, as the employee, the biggest issue is making sure that you are working from home effectively.

To make sure that you use your time effectively while retaining your usual efficiency and productivity means you have to take measured and structured steps to set up your home office.

Invest in an Automatic Data Backup Software

Using a cloud-based online data backup system allows you to access information and work from anywhere. It also ensures that there are multiple backups of important information that is just a few clicks away.

Lost data can be a huge problem in business, and automating the process of backing up your hard drive to a reliable cloud storage service removes this stress factor.

Set up a designated office area

Whether this means permanently designating a corner of the kitchen for your personal use or adapting a spare room into a small home office, you need to have a specific work area. Having a designated work area will allow you to keep a clear barrier between your home life and work life.

This will allow you to give your full attention to your work when in the office space and your family when in the home space.

Comfort Is Efficiency

You need to equip your office space to allow you to work as efficiently as possible. This means installing a proper computer system, having enough office supplies nearby, and keeping a printer within easy reach.

This also means making sure that the furniture you use is ergonomic. A good work chair and a work desk of the right height can reduce eye and lumbar pain and discomfort from sitting at the desk for long periods.

Find Your Peak Productivity Period

You might have a work schedule but working from home makes this schedule very flexible. This flexibility means that you can focus on finding out which time or period of the day you are most productive. This will help you to manage your workload very efficiently.

If you find your peak productivity is during the night, then save the most difficult or complicated tasks for then. Working on those tasks when you are the most alert and focused will allow you to produce high-quality results.

Dress for Success

If you are in the habit of throwing on a button-up over your pajamas only when you have a meeting scheduled, then you might be doing yourself a disservice. The brain is very suggestible and, over the years, has learned that certain clothes are associated with certain activities.

Even if you are working, the fact that you are in your pajamas can make you prone to lethargy. Prepare yourself for working from home as though you are going into work on casual Friday. You will still be in comfortable clothes but dressed professionally, and your work output is sure to improve.

Time Management Apps Are Your Friend

Using a time management app will help you to stay on task and keep your productivity constant. Especially in the early days of working from home, the transition will be jarring to get used to and can affect your efficiency and focus.

A time tracker will help you to set productivity levels for different times and days and help you designate the amount of time you want to spend on any given task.

Avoid Social Media

This is another distraction area where you can utilize apps to help you stay on track. Social media is so compelling that it can eat up a lot of your time, even if all you had intended was a quick check.

Restrict yourself to social media channels that your company uses for communication such as LinkedIn, Slack, or Telegram. Consider muting all non-work social media notifications. Look for a customizable app on Google Play or the App Store that can put a time lock on how long you use personal social media during office hours.

Take regular breaks for food and exercise every day. You might find that you much prefer working from home and that it allows you to be more productive and helps you maintain a healthier lifestyle. Approach your telecommuting adventure with enthusiasm, and you will surely enjoy the experience.

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