The Benefits of Installing Electric Instant Water Heaters

Electric instant water heaters, also commonly known as on-demand or tankless water heaters, are one of the most popular types of home water heating systems on the market, offering many benefits to homeowners that traditional tank-style water heaters cannot. There are countless benefits to take note of when it comes to getting an electric instant water heater installed, some of which this article will detail.

Fast Working

As the name suggests, an instant water heater is designed to heat up cold water instantly. This process starts when a tap, shower or appliance that works with water is turned on. Cold water will travel through the water heater and be heated up by its electric coils in a matter of seconds. When the water is heated, it will go through the pipes and come out of the tap, showerhead or other outlet for the homeowner to use. This makes it unnecessary to wait for water to heat up, as you can enjoy the hot water you need straightaway.

 Energy Efficient

It only takes a few seconds for electric instant water heaters to heat up water. As opposed to storage water heaters, this type of water heater doesn’t need to use energy to maintain hot water, as it doesn’t have a tank where water is stored for later usage. Along with temperature regulation features, their energy efficiency can help homeowners to use less energy and save money on their power bills.

Compact Size

Households with limited space can greatly benefit from getting an electric heater installed, as there’s no bulky water tank that comes with it. Electric instant water heaters are made to be compact and not take up too much space when mounted onto a wall compared to tank-style water heaters.

Cheap to Install

Although the cost to get any type of water heating system installed will depend on its size and model type, electric instant water heaters are considered to be generally more affordable to install compared to gas water heaters. This is because gas water heaters need to have additional piping and a new ventilation system installed to emit the exhaust produced by the combustion process. Electric water heaters usually don’t need any additional in-home infrastructure installed in order to work, helping to save money on installation.

Higher Level of Safety

When compared to gas water heaters, electric instant water heaters are considered to be the safer option. Although gas water heaters are usually safe to use, they’re susceptible to gas leaks that can dangerous to be around. While there are safety concerns when it comes to electrical water heaters that you should keep in mind, the likelihood of a gas leak occurring is significantly higher than any electrical safety issue.

Unlimited Supply of Hot Water

As most households are connected to the electricity grid, they’ll always have an instantly available source of electricity (provided the power grid is not down). This means that they can use their electrical water heating system to instantly heat up water whenever they need it.

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