The different Types of Pallet Racking system

There are many types of pallet racks available which can be a confusing thing for ones when it comes to choosing a perfect storage system for their warehouse.

The Different types of Pallet racking have different designs and pattern as per the requirements. Selecting the right type of pallet rack is very important to better use of the space.

BHD storage solution have come up with different types of pallet racking system, one can choose the right storage system which can meets to the desired need.

Why one should consider pallet racking storage system for warehouse?

-The Pallet Racking storage system helps to maximize the space in warehouse to store more products.

– Increases safety which prevents any unwanted event to the warehouse.

-Vertical arrangement of storage system makes it more convenient to unload pallet with forklift.

–  They also provide great visibility and enough airflow to keep your inventory fresh.

-One of the biggest advantages of pallet rack is easy installation.

– One more benefits of pallet racking are that they are available in different version of shape and forms.

Here we will look at three types of pallet racking systems used in the warehouses and factories to store their pallets:

1.      Selective Racking

Selective pallet racking is one of the most preferred and used storage systems in warehouse in which fast-moving products are kept. In this storage system pallets can be easily accessed and replenished from aisle of the structure. Selective pallet racking is cost effective and easy to install.

BHD Storage Solutions is capable of supplying high-quality and heavy-duty Selective Systems for pallet racking in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney

2. Drive-in racking

This Racking system specified for Last in/ first out arrangement. That’s why system can be accessed from one end. Pallets are placed one in such a way to slide on to support rails to be pushed back side of the rack. This system provides high density storage capacity in warehouses and ideal when product needs to store for long time in depth.

BHD’s Drive in Pallet Racking helps you ensure safe and simple placement when you buy pallets in Brisbane or elsewhere in Australia.

3. Carton flow racking

Carton flow racking works on gravity flow to convey cartons from one end of the rack. These racks are designed with inclined runways or rollers so that carton cases can easily glide to take the place of removed case. This racking system ensures FIRST IN/ FIRST (FIFO) OUT service. This gravity driven design of racks allows separate loading and unloading of crates. This system reduces pick distances and time, and improves warehouse efficiency. In a given space, one can arrange multiple levels of these racks.

Pallet Racking Cost

The cost of new pallet rack is determined by various things like Size of Storage system, number of levels of the storage, material, specific design you choose for your warehouse and also installation.

If you keep in mind all the above-mentioned factors

BHD Storage Solutions can provide you with a cost estimate for the pallet racking system you need.

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