The importance of pre-match analysis when betting on hockey

Such a sports discipline as hockey is quite popular in many countries around the world. Millions of fans enjoy watching sportsmen’s games. It is not surprising that bets on hockey are also in demand. In this case, every player should understand that in order to place a successful bet, it is necessary to pay attention to the pre-match analysis. You can make your own ice hockey predictions or use the recommendations of experienced experts. Accurate hockey predictions are available on reputable sports portals, such as Scores24.

What features of hockey affect the prediction?

On the sites of many bookmakers’ offices, most bets fall on such championships as the NHL and KHL. They are considered the most spectacular tournaments in the world. However, many bettors bet on other leagues as well.

Regardless of which championship catches the bettors’ attention, they will need to pay attention to analytics. Hockey, like any other discipline, has its own characteristics, knowledge of which will help make a quality prediction. It is recommended to pay attention to the following nuances:

  1. Frequent removals are quite typical for hockey. This often makes it difficult to make a prediction.
  2. Matches are held quite often. Thanks to this, you can objectively assess the current form of the opponents, to determine the favorite and the outsider.
  3. Some players include rare television broadcasts of meetings to the negative features of betting on this sport discipline. However, most matches can be watched online.

In addition, it is worth considering another point: there are a lot of statistics in hockey. Therefore, many bettors use special programs for analysis.

Pre-match analysis: what factors should be taken into account?

Professional bettors know how important pre-match analysis is. If you count only on luck, you can lose your own money with a high probability. Pre-match analysis is not as simple as it may seem at first glance. To make an accurate prediction, it is recommended to take into account the following:

  • player injuries – this point is especially important when we are talking about the leaders of the team;
  • the importance of the meeting – the outcome of the match often depends on the type of match, its prestige;
  • the specifics of the championship – each national league has its own peculiarities;
  • the period of the match – at the beginning and at the end of the season a bettor should be ready for unpredictable outcomes, but in the middle the situation is usually more predictable;
  • position of the team in the standings – it can be an additional motivation if the players want to improve the result;
  • the current form of the sportsmen – when analyzing it matters both the level of physical training of the players and their mental state.

In betting, it is important to understand that even the utmost care in making a prediction does not guarantee a win. Sport is sometimes unpredictable. But studying up-to-date information and reading expert predictions greatly increases the chances of winning.

NHL and KHL: what is important to consider when betting on matches of popular tournaments?

The NHL is a tournament that unites American and Canadian sports teams. It provides a regular format of games. It consists of 82 meetings, followed by a playoff stage. Teams compete for the Stanley Cup.

In the KHL there are Russian, Belarusian, Latvian, Kazakh, Finnish and Chinese clubs fighting for the championship. The winner receives the Gagarin Cup.

When betting on these tournaments, it is worth considering an important nuance. The main statistical difference between the KHL and the NHL is the average number of goals scored. In the KHL it is five pucks per game, while in the NHL it is six.

However, there are almost always more sensational events in the NHL. These points should be considered when making predictions.

In betting, you cannot rely on luck. If players want to become true professionals, they need to pay a lot of attention to finding information and its processing, making their own predictions. Bets should be made thoughtfully and deliberately, without succumbing to emotions.

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