The Importance of Servicing Your Boiler

Servicing your boiler is often something that is overlooked by many homeowners. However, making sure that you can make time for a boiler check-up is vital for both the health and efficiency of your boiler.

How often do I have to service my boiler?

You should be getting your boiler serviced once every year. You will be wanting to use a gas safe engineer to do these safety checks. Make sure to book your servicing during the summer so that yourset-in time for autumn and winter. Meaning you will not have your boiler breaking down during the cold weather.

It is also worth noting that if you are a landlord or live in a rented property it is a legal requirement for the landlord to have the boiler serviced once a year.

Find problems early on

This is the most important factor of a boiler service. You are using your boiler all year round which means that there is going to be some natural wear and tear on your heating system. So, booking a boiler service will mean that you can catch this wear and tear early on before it turns into anything greater. Not only will you catch a problem early on and potentially save having to replace your boiler, but it will mean that come winter your boiler will be running smoothly with no problems.

Keeps your boiler efficient

While servicing your boiler does cost money, in the long run, it will help save money on your heating bills. While factors like the model and age of your boiler do play a part in the efficiency of your boiler. A service will mean that your boiler is running as efficiently as it can be. By running efficiently, you will be saving money on your heating bills through the entire year!

Keeps your boiler running longer

While boilers do last for around 15 years generally, some may break down early or even last longer. To get the best out of your boiler, a boiler service is essential. By giving your boiler the service each year you will be making sure that it is still healthy and the longer your boiler stays healthy the longer it will run.

Your warranty will remain valid

Most manufacturers will offer you a warranty period on their boiler, which can be between 2 and 10 years. This warranty will be based on a bunch of different factors however an annual boiler service is usually one of these factors. This means that if you do not have your boiler serviced annually, your warranty will be void, which can leave you having to pay the full cost of a boiler repair or even to replace your boiler.

Easier than replacing your boiler

Replacing your boiler is not an easy feat and can cost a lot of money in the end, covering both the cost of a new boiler and labour to install it. Compare this to the cost of a yearly service, which can cost anywhere from £60 – £90 depending on your local prices, you can see servicing your boiler is the better option. Not only could you be saving hundreds, but you also will not be left without hot water and heating unlike if you were to install a new boiler.

These are the top reasons why a boiler service is one of the most important elements of being a homeowner. Make sure that you have yourself a yearly boiler service booked with a local gas safe engineer. That way no warranty will be voided, and you will be left with an efficient working boiler.

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