The Most Surprising Alternatives for Packing Boxes

Perhaps, packing boxes are the most necessary devils that all homeowners have to deal with. They might be a practical solution to pack and move your belongings. But once you are done with that, you are left with just too many pesky cardboard boxes. You might not need them anytime soon. Yet, they would take up much space and eventually give rise to mold growth. However, a smart move on your part can help manage the problem to a large extent. Here’s a peek at what you can do.

Look for Alternatives

Instead of buying too many packing boxes, you can repurpose your existing belongings to pack some of your essentials. For example:

  1. Consider using your dresser to keep the smaller, lightweight items.
  2. Use the hampers and suitcases to pack your linens and clothes.
  3. You can also buy or hire plastic storage bins. They are lightweight and spacious. Use it to keep your miscellaneous items and accessories.

Reusing Your Plastic Containers

Even the best moving services in Toronto recommend their customers to opt for plastic storage bins for several items. Different types of containers, including totes, boxes, and bins, are quite worth investing in. If not for anything else, they can be a great way to upgrade your existing storage system. You will find them especially helpful while you “upsize” space, such as your garage, shed, or basement. Use them as the cheaper alternative to organize your new place.

There is another advantage of using plastic storage bins instead of packing boxes. With them, you can avoid the monotony of using adhesive tapes. These bins have a pack-and-go system. Plus, they are sturdier and rat-proof. Moreover, being reusable, they are a greener option.

Considering Crates

Besides the plastic storage boxes, you can also look for plastic crates for carrying certain belongings. They have similar advantages to those storage bins. However, you cannot seal them. Crates are a fine option to carry odd-shaped stiffs that packers might find tricky to keep in plastic boxes or cardboards. Plus, they are just the thing that you would need to transport bulky belongings. If you hire the best moving company in Toronto, they will lend plastic crates. It can be an economical option for you.

What to Avoid Using

It is best not to choose garbage bags, even if you are packing lightweight materials. They are quite likely to tear apart in transit. And if it happens, then it will spill all the contents.

Finding Your Packing Partner

If you search the online forums and review sites, you will come across certain names with repeated mentions. Let’s Get Moving ( earns applauds from almost all quarters for its one of a kind service. With prestigious awards to its credit, the team strives to provide the best service possible. They are taking extra care to stick to the hygiene and sanitization protocols amidst the Covid crisis. And if you are looking for cheap and effective alternatives for traditional packing boxes, they have some excellent services.

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