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What could be better than enjoying a cold beer at the end of the day. Or enjoy a few cold beers with friends. When you open a beer, you naturally want to consume it as best as possible, but how do you do that exactly? In this blog we will tell you the best way to drink a beer, for the best experience. 

Beer from the tap 

The best beer there is comes from the tap, a nice cold freshly tapped beer can’t be beat. But it is not without reason that draft beer is the best. By tapping beer, the beer becomes airy and the taste of the beer comes out better. In addition, drinking beer from a decent beer glass is also tastier than straight from a beer bottle. But if you want to drink beer from a decent glass, you obviously want the right glass for the beer.

 For example, if you want to tap a Leffe beer, you should make sure that you also have a Leffe glass. Before tapping the beer, make sure that the inside of the glass is at least slightly damp. Once you start tapping the beer, you should hold the glass at about a 45-degree angle for the optimal foam layer. In addition, holding the glass at an angle makes the beer more airy. 

Beer from a bottle  

As mentioned, draft beer is lighter than beer from a bottle. But you don’t just have a beer tap at home. Fortunately, the beer from a beer bottle can also be drunk in a different and better way than from the bottle itself. This way you can also easily empty your beer bottle into a beer glass. In this way, the beer from the bottle also becomes lighter than when you drink the beer from the bottle itself. It is also important this time that the glass is at least slightly damp on the inside. 

In addition, you create a nice foam layer by holding the glass at an angle. To get the best foam layer from a beer bottle, you can swirl the last bit of beer in the bottle. By turning the bottle, the last bit of beer starts to foam, so you can pour the foam layer over your beer. And of course, it is also very important that you use the right beer glass with the beetroot.


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