Things To Remember Before Snorkeling In Maui

When thinking of a vacation in interesting places like Maui it is always enjoyable to consider snorkeling or if possible, attending maui snorkeling tours. People often feel like going snorkeling alone is more advantageous but snorkeling tours are better when compared to snorkeling alone for many different reasons.

How exactly does snorkeling work?

Normally snorkelers will use equipment that consists of a mask and snorkel in order for them to see the world underwater while they float on the surface and below water with the help of the snorkel tube.

People have to make sure that the outlet of the tube should stick out from the water surface as the person has to breathe and exchange air.

Things that a snorkel consists of:

A snorkel consists of a few elements that allow the person to breathe using their mouth even after being submerged inside the water without any difficulty. Those elements include

  •     A tube that is flexible and used in order to breathe and it is flexible because the person should not get any jaw issues.
  •     A guard that protects the snorkeler from getting splashed because of waves.
  •     A purge valve is present at the bottom of the snorkel which helps to drain water that enters the tube if any.
  •     Float valve that can stop the tube from filling with water when the snorkel is submerged inside the water.

Types of Snorkels:

All snorkels will look similar to people who see them for the first time but depending on the key differences that are present in them there are many types of snorkels and each variety suit best depending on the skill level of the person using them.

The three major types of snorkels include

  1.   Semi-dry snorkels

These will have a good balance between function and comfort according to maui snorkeling tours. These are not a good choice for beginners as water will enter the snorkel tube in this variety.

  1.   Dry snorkels

This type will have float value in addition to whatever will be there in the semi-dry type. Water will not enter the tube even when the snorkel is completely submerged. This is good for beginners.

But these people cannot participate in activities like scuba diving, freediving, and spearfishing as in these activities they have to spend the most time in the water.

  1.   Wet snorkels

These are also called J-tube snorkels. This again is not a good choice for beginners as they don’t have any special features to help water stay out of the tube.

As the design will be simple and drag underwater is minimal, many experienced snorkelers prefer wet snorkels.


When the snorkel is above the water surface, the snorkeler can stay inside for any amount of time as he can breathe through the tube. During maui snorkeling tours when diving, a beginner can stay for 45 seconds or 1 minute while an experienced snorkeler can stay underwater for 1 to 2 minutes as there won’t be any breathing advantages in that case.

The snorkel can act as an aid for breathing. It will simply transfer air from the top surface of the water but it won’t have any ability to produce air or store air inside.

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