Three Crucial SEO Ranking Factors That You Need to Know

The SEO algorithm is constantly changing and Acme difficult to keep up with the latest developments and what that means for your website. But if you want your Google rankings to go from unseen all the way to the top of the list there are few things that you need to know.

Does estimated that cinnamon wrecking Google will receive 43% of all organic clicks. therefore, it pays to spend the time optimising your website so that you can appear higher in the organic search listings. In this short guide we are going to look at 3 important SEO ranking factors that business rank higher in 2021.

  1. Pagespeed

A reputable SEO Agency will tell you the page speed has been cited as one of the most important SEO that you need to worry about in 2021. In order for Google to improve the overall user experience of people using the search engine they need to provide web pages that load fast and create a positive user experience. Google announce back in play 2020 that that would be a major page speed update that would impact the weather websites rank. If you want to see your website climb higher this year you need to focus on creating a positive onsite experience for users.

  1. Mobile Friendly

In 2021 more than 64% of all Google searches will come from a mobile device. Therefore it is essential that you are optimising your website to appear just as accessible from mobile devices as it is from desktops. Mobile first indexing has been a reality for several years now which means that the first render of your website will come from your mobile version therefore it is important that your mobile version is displaying everything you want it to.

  1. Domain Age

There are three ingredients to a good SEO campaign:

  • Content
  • Links
  • Time

the first 2 elements you are able to influence with your onsite and offsite SEO work, the third element of time is much harder to influence. new website will be placed in a Google Sandbox for an indefinite period of time before Google deems to be worthy of showing competitive search terms. if you are starting a new website is important that you are aware of the waiting period that a brand-new website will go through before showing up in Google.

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