Tips for Selecting the Right Pendant Lights for Your Home

Do you like the look of pendant lights, but aren’t sure how to choose between them? This article shares some top tips for choosing the right pendant lights in Melbourne for your home.

Align with the Room Theme

The theme of your room will go a long way to establishing which pendant lights in Melbourne will be best for you to choose. Will the lights be an artistic feature, or a more modernist practicality? Is your room light and airy, or dark and dramatic? These things will also influence which pendant lights you choose. Try to be consistent with the rest of the room’s décor for a more cohesive look. When used wisely, pendant lights can add personality to any room, whether you want a big personality or a more muted one. The shapes, colours and textures of pendant lights can enhance a room’s theme and tone when you take into account these aspects.

Investigate Different Materials

There are many different materials when it comes to pendant lights in Melbourne, so if you have a feeling that a certain material will be appropriate for your space, why not narrow down your search to this kind of pendant light? It will make your life easier, as you won’t have such a large variety of lights to choose from. You might consider materials like fabric, brass, concrete or metal, or if you’re after something more neutral, perhaps glass, wicker/rattan, wood, leather or cork would be more appropriate. Materials can add important dimensions to a space – colour and texture – which can completely transform the appearance of your room.

Consider the Light’s Purpose

The intended purpose of your pendant light will likely change the kind of pendant light you choose. Artistic and conceptual lights make great attention-grabbing feature points in a room, but they provide overall illumination that may not be suitable if you need focused illumination. Lights are not only there for beauty’s sake, but also for their practical purpose, so when choosing pendant lights in Melbourne, you need to be sure of the intent for your lighting. There are various reasons why you may need lighting in a room – for example, perhaps you want accent lighting over a painting, or maybe you need bright lighting in a kitchen for preparing food. All these scenarios will require different kinds of pendant lights, so make sure you choose appropriately.

Take Into Account Room Size

The room size will greatly influence the dimensions of the pendant lights in Melbourne that you opt for. Measure up the room, taking into account the height and width of the space. Bear in mind that fittings that are too big can give a cluttered look to a room and get in the way of eyesight, especially at a dining table. Conversely, pendant lights that are too small for a space will look lost in the room. As a general guide, if you’re working with a larger area, then you will need larger pendant lights, while if you’re working with a smaller area, you will need smaller lights to suit the space.

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