Top 3 Synthetic oil brands list

Oil can be considered one of the most important things for our cars. While some may say that engine oil is just a lubricant, we would disagree.

Oil not only lubricates internal parts of your car’s engine but also helps clean it by removing harmful deposit build-up inside blocks and in engines. As oil circulates throughout the car’s system, dirt, grime and other deposits are picked up along with it which is later filtered out during an oil change.   This process ensures the maximum life of your vehicle because if you fail to give any attention to this small yet important part of your car, you may find yourself stranded in the middle of nowhere when there is no one to help.

Oil is essential not only for your vehicle but for any machine that needs lubrication because it ensures smooth operation and maintains the lifespan of the machine. Depending on how you drive your vehicle, oil has to be changed after certain miles or months. Changing oil can be expensive and is not another car accessories list, but an important oil for the smooth running of your car.

Synthetic oil vs conventional oil:

 Synthetic oils are manufactured by man whereas convention oil is extracted from crude oil which makes it naturally available in abundance across the world hence commercially available at even lower prices than synthetics. The difference between the two oils is that while conventional oil is made from petroleum, synthetic oil is composed of hydrocarbons which are synthetically manufactured and mixed with other chemicals to make it usable as engine oil.

Benefits of using synthetic oil

There are many benefits of using a synthetic oil because first and foremost they work better than regular oils and also last longer which means you won’t have to change it after every few thousand kilometers. Converting your car engine from conventional motor oil to an engineered, man made oil will ensure it lasts even longer thus saving you money in the long run. Here are some specific examples of how synthetic oils are superior to their conventional counterparts:

1) Synthetic oils resists heat better than conventional oils which means they can heat away more efficiently resulting in less wear and tear of engine parts.

2) Due to their lower viscosity, synthetic oils ensure better fuel economy by improving the performance of your vehicle resulting in fewer trips to gas stations.

3) Synthetic oils are more resistant to breakdown than conventional oil which means they increase the life of your car because you won’t have to change them as frequently.

4) Synthetics provide thicker lubrication at start up then conventional oils. Depending on how cold it is where you live, conventional oils can sometimes be too thick that they will not penetrate into the innermost parts of the engine and thus prevent proper function whereas a good quality synthetic oil will make its way through and protect internal engine parts even when it’s super-cold outside.

5) Synthetics are made from thermally stable molecules which retain their viscosity and performance at higher temperatures than conventional oils. This means that they will continue to protect your vehicle even when it’s super hot outside and the oil inside is thinning out.

What are the Top 3 Synthetic oil brands list for your cars in India?

Let’s just say you’re not as blessed as I am because there is a long list of engine oil manufacturers in India, but I’ve managed to reduce them down to Top 3 brands because those three have been tried and tested by many people throughout the country.

In no particular order, these three synthetic motor oils are available across petrol pumps across India:

1) Bosch Synthup – Oil might not be the cheapest thing to buy for your car, but it is one of the most important ones. The Bosch Synthup oil is the perfect balance between price and performance. It has good reviews with over 96% customers giving their seal of approval on its quality and value for money.

2) Gulfstar Matrix – People who have used this synthetic motor oil claim that it lasts longer than most other brands in its category because even after 10k kilometers it does not require changing which makes this brand a steal at just Rs. 699 per liter.

3) Mobil 1 – if the price has you blushing, then maybe consider switching to Mobil 1 because it’s a little more expensive at Rs. 750 per liter, but it is widely accepted to be one of the best synthetic motor oils in India.


Honestly there are many other brands out there in the market that are good, but these three are the ones I’ve come across time and again whenever anyone asks me for my opinion on which oil they should buy. You don’t have to listen to me if you already have an oil preference because every engine is different and thus requires different types of lubrication depending upon its specifications. Just ensure whatever brand you go with at Carorbis, you can get quality products for your car that lasts longer. After all, who doesn’t want to save more money on car maintenance? Carorbis is car accessories online shopping website to fulfill the demands of Indian consumers pertaining to bike and car accessories and care products. Best price, home delivery, and faster turnaround time are the features of Carorobis. Now that you might have decided which engine oil to buy, log in to to get the best deals.

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