Top Corporate Event Trends for Summer 2022

Summer 2022 is here and with it comes a renewed interest in corporate events.

After nearly 2.5 years of pandemic-related lulls in events, corporate event planners that NYC businesses work with are active, with full calendars and new ideas.

The summer season brings with it exceptional opportunities to plan an event for your best customers and partners, your employees or the public. Whether you’re launching a new product, looking to recognize your most loyal staff, or say thank you to partners, a summer corporate event can be a buzzy occasion.

What are top NYC corporate event planning companies like 23 Layers seeing for trends this season? Here’s a look at what event planners see as popular options for the summer of 2022.

Interactive Entertainment

Technology today is changing businesses across industries and the corporate event space is no exception. With immersive and interactive experiences, you can send your guests home abuzz with talk about how they engaged at your event.

Augmented reality, artificial intelligence and projection mapping are just some of the ways that guest can become deeply embedded in your event. By customizing the technology experiences to your messaging, you can help guests be transformed and drive home key points about why they are there.

The metaverse is another area where businesses are tying corporate strategies to entertainment at summer events. Your virtual spaces in the metaverse can converge with live spaces to create unique, memorable experiences.

If you want your guests to participate in the entertainment in a less-digital way, consider hosting a popular act from years past or singalongs and dance contests. Let your guests let their hair down and dance and sing as they enjoy your hospitality.

Sustainable Events

The concern for the environment has never been keener. Demonstrate your commitment to corporate responsibility by hosting an event that emphasizes sustainability and concern for the environment.

There are some simple ways to develop a corporate event that resonates from a sustainability standpoint. Be sure to work with corporate event planners in NYC who have relationships with vendors and spaces that use good sustainable practices.

Everyone in the event supply chain is a potential partner for your sustainability work, from organizers to venues to suppliers to exhibitors.

Among the steps you can take are:

  • Using local food vendors and only locally grown foods on your menu
  • Selecting Green-certified venues for your event
  • Scrapping bottled water in favor of pitchers of water or water fountains
  • Using email and social for your invitations instead of mailing large, ornate paper invites.
  • Use QR codes instead of paper or plastic signs on site
  • Have a digital event program or agenda, again, using a QR code on a place setting or the back of a nametag
  • Reuse and recycle event materials such as nametags, materials and signage
  • Avoid food waste by partnering with a local organization where you can donate food after the event
  • Donate or repurpose flowers, or go without

Destination Events

Now that travel restrictions have eased, consider making your event a destination gala. Seek out spots in the metro New York area or elsewhere that are must-see or rare spaces that can wow your audience. Make it a Thursday night event so that people can choose to spend the weekend in an area they may want to explore on a summer weekend.

By working with a creative corporate event planner in NYC, you can make your summer 2022 event one for the ages.

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