Types of Dentures in Waterford


A denture is a replacement for your missing teeth. Though there are plenty of options available, choosing the right type of denture becomes essential as it saves you from the embarrassment of popping out of your denture while speaking. In this post, we will discuss the different types of dentures in Waterford.

Types of Dentures

Traditional/Conventional Complete Denture

If all your teeth are missing, you can choose a complete denture. You can go for a conventional denture after 8 to 12 weeks of teeth extraction. They are a replica of your natural teeth as far as shape and look is concerned. But mastication force is less than that of natural teeth.

Partial Denture

If only a few teeth are missing, you can choose a partial denture. It consists of artificial teeth with a pink base connected by a metal framework.

Immediate Dentures

If you can’t wait for 8 to 12 weeks, an immediate denture can help you. Especially if you are a public figure, missing teeth is a big no. So what exactly is an immediate denture. As the word suggests, it is a denture that your dentist can place in your mouth on the same day of tooth removal. Isn’t it interesting? But it has a disadvantage that your dentist needs to fit it frequently. During the healing of the wound after the extraction of teeth, the gums shrink. As a result, the fitting of the denture also gets disturbed.

Traditional Dental Bridge

If you have natural teeth in good condition next to missing teeth, your doctor can recommend a traditional dental bridge. Your dentist will cut the adjacent teeth partially and will cement the crown on them. The false tooth is held by the crowns cemented on the abutment teeth.

Implant-supported Dental Bridge

It is also a good option if you still have some healthy teeth. But it is costlier than a removable partial denture. In this type of denture, your doctor will place implants (screw-like material), and with the support of implants, the remaining artificial teeth remain in position.

Snap-in Denture

These dentures are very stable as compared to conventional dentures. Your doctor will place two to four implants within each jaw bone that will hold the snap-in denture.


Even though you get the best denture, you have to take care of the denture to increase its life.

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