Various Benefits of Ceiling Fans

Most of the homeowners install ceiling fans to keep their homes cool in hot summer months and beat the heat. But there are several other benefits of ceiling fans as well, including cost savings, illumination, style and design, and value for the entire year. Nowadays, ceiling fans have made a major comeback in luxury homes as well. Present dayfan models for contemporary homes are attractive and super stylish, featuring latest materials like exotic wood and nickel.

When you must choose a ceiling fan, properly access the blade pitch and motor size, this determines the speed of the fan. You even get trendy and higher quality fans with various fascinating options like unique finishes, LED lighting and remote controls. It is important to buy from a trusted outlet like Fans City in Sydney, as they have been serving the requirement of many customers across Australia, since a while now.

Read to know about several other amazing benefits of ceiling fans:

  • Energy efficiency

It is one of the most important benefits of ceiling fans that they can help to reduce 30% to 40% of your electricity bills. However, ceiling fan actually do not lower the temperature of a room, but create a draft that makes the room feel much cooler. This allows you to raise the thermostat a few more degrees. In turn, this will reduce the demand on your cooling as well as heating system. This way your energy consumption will be lower and thus you will be charged less by utility company.

  • Versatility

Ceiling fans can be installed in any type of room, be that kitchen, living area, bathrooms, and even an outdoor porch. Fans can improve your environment wherever they are installed.You even get a wide variety of ceiling fans to choose as compared to other type of cooling options.

  • Convenient lighting

Nowadays, you get very attractive models that have lights built in them. It adds function but even contributes to build an amazing ambience to your rooms. This illumination could be in the layered lighting form to enhance your rooms’ environment.

  • Safer option

In comparison to a table or a pedestal fan ceiling fans are totally safe as being installed on the ceilings. Children cannot reach up to these fans thus making them a safer option.

  • Efficient performance

Ceiling fans make your room breezy and windy. They even improve the interior décor of every room where installed, at the same time delivering efficient and reliable performance. If there is a power cut, ceiling fans can be used with the help of regular battery backups as compared to ACs that require high powered batteries or generators.

  • Air freshener

Ceiling fans also help to circulate all the stale air in your room. This will make your rooms free from unpleasant odors as well as make them less stuffy.

Whether you are looking for your luxury villas, homes or commercial spaces, by choosing to buy from reputed dealers like Fans City, you can simply add timeless beauty all year-round. They source their supply of fans from all leading and reputed fan brands in Australia and their supplies stand all the test of performance as well as durability.

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