Want To Try Asian Clothing? Try Some Of These Classics!

If you love outfits from different parts of Asia, you need to consider the classics from Indian subcontinent. Countries like India and Pakistan boast of incredible collections in ethnic wear, many of which date back to centuries. In recent years, many stores in the West and the UK, such as Libas e Jamila Online clothing Shop, have been stocking the best of Asian dresses. From the classic saree, to ethnic suits and other fusion outfits, there are options for every woman out there. In this post, we bring some of the best designs and styles in Asian outfits that are definitely worth investing.

The classic saree

Also called a saree dress, a saree is basically along piece of cloth that’s draped around the waist from one end, while the other end goes over the shoulders. Many Hollywood celebs have been seen wearing the saree, and these days, you can even find saree dresses that make it easy to wear the classic outfit. Sarees are great for all occasions, and when you wear one in the West, it is still likely to turn heads. From the heavy embroidered ones to the classic silks, sarees come in all kinds of fabrics and is a true fashion essential in every sense.

Ethnic salwar suits

The salwar suits, also called the shalwar kameez, is a kind of ethnic suit compromising of three pieces. The first one is the top, called the kurta or the kameez, and the second component is a pair of pants, called the shalwar. There is also a scarf called the dupatta. Salwar kameez suits are incredibly popular in India and Pakistan, where women like to wear different varieties for ethnic occasions. You can team your salwar suit with a nice pair of heels, and if you don’t feel like, just ditch the scarf.

The sharara

Sharara is kind of salwar suit that’s designed to replicate the ghagra (a large, flared skirt). The sharara outfit is an integral part of Asian clothing and consists of a short top/kurta, a pair of flared pants, and a dupatta. You can wear georgette or embroidered sharara as you like, for festive events, and while the scarf is typically smaller for this kind of outfit, you can go for bigger designs too.

Asian outfits have a charm that’s not merely unique but never really gets old. Check the best stores online to place an order.

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