What Are the Best Ways To Tell the Authenticity Of A Diamond

If you are buying a diamond proposal ring Singapore, it becomes very important to check whether the diamonds are original, or fake. There are simple at-home tests and specialized tests that a diamond jeweler or expert can perform to tell you about the genuineness of the jewelry.

Use a diamond tester

The most effective and convenient way to test a diamond is by using a diamond tester. This is a method that you can easily perform at home. It is low-price equipment that makes it an affordable way to figure out the quality of the diamond.

If you have to test a broader range of diamonds, then you need to consider investing in a higher-end and more expensive diamond tester that carries the ability to identify a broader segment of diamond alternatives.

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Water Test

This is another way by which you can test the purity of your diamond jewelry. This is another simple test that you can easily perform at home that tells you whether the diamond is fake, or real. All you need to do is to fill 3/4th of a glass of water.

Gently drop the diamond stone into it. If you find that the diamond sinks in to the glass, then it is real. If you find that it floats on the surface of the water, then it implies that it is fake. This is because a real diamond has got high-density so it sinks into the water.

Fog Test

To perform this test, you need to place the ring, or diamond between your two fingers and breathe on it with a slow puff of air. It will cause the formation of a slight fog covering the diamond due to the build-up of heat, and moisture in the breath.

If you find that the fog dispels straight away, then your diamond is real. If it stays on it and takes many seconds to disappear, then it is artificial.

Check the Setting and Mount

If the diamond is real, it will mostly be set in materials that include platinum, white gold, or yellow gold. It can be in the form of side-stone, halo, or pave setting.

Heat the diamond

Diamonds are incredibly strong and unresponsive to high temperatures. Wear fire-resistant gloves to hold the diamond stone and heat it for approximately forty seconds. Now drop it into the cold water. If it shatters, then it fake, but if it stays intact then it is a true diamond.


Being equipped with the proper knowledge about the authenticity of the diamond an ability to differentiate between the real and the fake ones will help you make the right buying decision.

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