What Colors Go Best with Green Terra cotta Roof Tiles?

Terra cotta roof tiles have been in existence for a very long time. The best part is that they never disappoint. With green terra cotta roof tiles, you might want to consider a lot more than just the roof itself. It will help if you think of things like siding colors, undercoats, and installation mode, among others that this post will reveal.

What points should you put into consideration when purchasing green terracotta tiles?


We all know that terra cotta tiles purely consist of earth and water. Some, like the Tuscan terra cotta tiles, is fashioned for a warm climate. It is advisable to understand the nature of weather in the area you want to build your house as this will guide on the right terra cotta tiles to use.

Professional installation

You do not want a less qualified guy to install your green terra cotta roof tiles. Hence, find a skilled guy who will ensure proper underlayment of the roofs because, as it is, clay tiles tend to shed water with some of it finding its way under the tiles. A professional like Vertec Roof Roofing Canberra, will ensure to add a layer of waterproofing membrane that sticks to the roof deck. Hence, ensure longevity.

Firm attachment

A professional will ensure proper attachment of the tiles to the roof deck. Also, invest in corrosion-resistant copper or stainless steel nails because they are ideal for restraining the tiles if attached to the roof perimeters properly. Ensure to keep away from adhesive because they can’t hold the tiles permanently.

What colors sit well with green terracotta roof tiles?

Terracotta makes a color comeback. Picking a color to go well with your roof is not easy.  A good search on the internet should land you on the right path. If you can’t come to a decision, it is best to involve some professional opinion. I have outlined a few colors that might be worth trying with your green terra cotta roof tiles.


Well, before you throw any stones, I’m not asking you to cover your house in scarlet. I’m talking about the burgundy or carmine shades of red. These can complement your roof tiles and give a perfect blend. Brown or black shades will provide you with the ideal counterpoint.

Light yellow

A shade of yellow with lots of white can bring out the green terra cotta roof tiles in a fantastic way. Also, yellow or cream undertones will come in handy with some deep olive shingles.


Yes, I just said green. Depending on your shingles’ green shade, you can pick a lighter or a darker shade of green for your sidings. The only vital thing to avoid is having the same shade of green all over your house because it will give an overly unappealing look.


Comfort should be the number one thing your home must bring you. Ensure that your entire home premise is in mind when picking your colors to avoid making the place look extremely busy.

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