What Do I Need to Make a Jockey Box?

What could be better than a party outdoors with family or friends? If your company likes fresh beer, then you should think beforehand about how to keep the drink cold.

For this purpose you can buy a standard jockey box – it is a container for cooling beer that works without electricity.

However, sometimes a standard solution doesn’t fit. What to do in this case – read in our article.

What Do You Need to Make a Jockey Box?

An ordinary portable refrigerator wouldn’t surprise your friends, would it? The solution is a jockey box kit that allows you to customize this cooling box as you like.

The set includes various components that will allow even a beginner brewer to assemble his own jockey box.

TOP-3 advantages of manual assembly:

  1. You will be able to create such a cooler that will best meet all your needs;
  2. Cost savings on those options that in your opinion you do not need;
  3. A chance to impress your friends.

The Process of Making Your Own Jockey Box

Jockey box kit includes the following details and components:

  • Shank with nut
  • 50, 70 or 120 ft stainless steel reel
  • Oetiker Clamps
  • Hexagonal rotary nuts
  • Refrigerant coupling
  • Beer washers
  • Mixer
  • Hoses made of thermoplastic vinyl, tubes made of transparent PVC
  • Multiple types of fittings

It’s the simplest kit. If necessary, you can purchase a more advanced one, which includes a carbon dioxide cylinder and other elements.

The assembly process is quite simple:

  • Drill holes in the cooler of such a diameter that they fit beer shank and cooler coupling;
  • Connect the shank to the beer box, near the wall where the cooler is located;
  • Secure the tap with a wrench;
  • Secure the cooler coupling – here you will connect the beer line;
  • Install the reels;
  • Run some water through the system to check if there is any leaks;
  • Connect gas cylinder, barrel and beer line;
  • Customize your jockey box, for example, decorate it with the logo of your favorite beer;
  • Enjoy the excellent taste of your beer wherever you are!

To buy a quality jockey box kit, just visit the Beverage Craft online store. The staff will be happy to advise a set with the optimal number of necessary components, and will give even more recommendations on the assembly of the equipment.

Now you can easily assemble your own unique jockey box and go outdoors with your family or friends more often!

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