What Is Corporate Video?

Corporate video with Gillespie Productions for example, often called institutional film or corporate video, refers to any video that allows you to publicize your company and promote your activity. The scope is wide: company presentation video, training video, video of events (virtual or face-to-face), etc. Traditionally, these videos are produced through agencies. Still, more and more companies and their employees produce their content to gain agility and ensure a steady pace or to meet specific objectives: for example, the presentation of recruits on the corporate social network in internal communication.

A Corporate Video Is Evolving:

“The usefulness of the camera and video has exploded in everyone’s face, be it managers, communicators, and employees, of course. – Sophie Picard, Internal Communication Manager at Atos

Authentic Video To Inspire Confidence

To inspire confidence in this crisis, companies want to respond to the need for the authenticity of their customers and employees. They, therefore, seek to make videos to present themselves in a different light.

Thus, we often find customer testimonials, which reflect a positive image of the company, or employee feedback which allows the team to be discovered. The fast and curious format, inspired by Recruiting Video Production, which also highlights employees in a short and dynamic format, is very popular, as well as tutorials or explanation videos featuring brand experts who show their know-how and more.

Short Formats For Social Networks

A person’s attention span is estimated at 8 seconds, which is 1 second less than a goldfish. To capture your audience’s attention, favor a short and dynamic format.

The Need To Differentiate

Many companies often take up these video formats, so you must differentiate yourself by making videos that look like you. The Kannelle application allows you to create your professional videos in 15 minutes with your smartphone.

The new constraints of corporate video

Do with the means at hand.

The year 2020 has imposed new constraints on the production of corporate video. First, the health crisis pushed employees to work from home and led companies and communities to show what they were putting in place in the field. In both cases, we had to agree to create less polished videos than usual.

This crisis was no exception and was often accompanied by budget cuts. With fewer resources to create as many or even more videos to communicate and train, a real need to create videos quickly has emerged.

The emergence of new solutions

But then, how to adapt to all these changes? Solutions exist to shoot pro videos quickly and easily with your smartphone, such as the Kannelle application.

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