What Is the Role of Dental Implants?

Do you seek to restructure your smile? Regardless of the kind of dental flaw making you feel doubtful about yourself, a dental implant can positively impact your appearance and morale. To find a skillful dentist in the Bronx, contact Nishita Gandhi, DDS, to enjoy exemplary services. Whether you are looking for implants or any other dental implant, call or schedule an online consultation with the compassionate providers.

What Are Dental Implants?

Dental implants refer to tiny titanium posts that replace the lost roots of your tooth. If you lack teeth, implants properly retain your new prosthesis to look, feel, and work like your original teeth.

Since dental implants connect your jawbone, they provide you confidence in eating your favorite foods, talking effectively, and smiling without anxiety.

Benefits of Dental Implants

When reviewing your tooth replacement alternatives with Dr. Gandhi, you will have numerous advantages to consider such as:

  •   Appearance and Comfort

Dental implants keep your prosthesis tightly in your mouth so that your gums are unable to slide or irritate. Once you’ve put in your teeth, you can’t see them, helping your crowns or dentures appear so natural. They also support a robust and durable basis to retain your natural facial structure.

  •       Easier Eating

Dental implants will not hurt your gums when you eat because they will secure your prosthetic teeth. This offers you the chance to eat the cuisine you love without discomfort.

  •       Convenience

Dental implants are permanent, unlike dental bridges, or non-implant-supported dentures. You will not have to be concerned about cleaning them up. Moreover, they can last a lifetime with proper maintenance.

  •       Improved Oral Habits

To decrease nearby teeth, tooth-supported dental bridges require Dr. Gandhi, while dental implants do not. This helps you maintain as many natural teeth as possible, along with brushing and flossing frequently.

What Happens During a Dental Implant Procedure?

First, Dr. Gandhi must inspect your mouth to ensure that you are an apt dental implant candidate. You may require a bone graft operation before the implant treatment if you do not have enough bone in the jaw to sustain an implant. Next, Dr. Gandhi prepares a personalized treatment plan for your smile and dental health.

The initial step is to install the implants. Before placing the implant into the socket left behind by your lost tooth, Dr. Gandhi numbs your mouth with local anesthesia. Then she implants the post into your jawbone and your gums to secure it.

What is unique with dental implants is how they merge with the jawbone for around three to six months throughout the healing phase. Dr. Gandhi uncovers the top of the implant and connects the predicted tooth when your mouth is completely healed.

Finally, she takes images of your mouth as models for developing your replacement teeth. You and Dr. Gandhi can discuss the prosthetics that are suitable for you during the healing process.

Bottom Line

Dental implants might be the remedy you need to realize your aesthetic objectives. For more information about your tooth replacement alternatives, contact Nishita Gandhi, DDS, on the phone or via the online scheduler.

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