What Should You Do Prevent Child Molestation?

Children cannot express their agony the way we do. But we prefer to keep these things secret to safeguard our so called social image and reputation. We often fail to understand that it’s not the fault of the molester. A kid who has experienced any kind of sexual abuse needs support and justice. As an adult, we must take the right step and take legal action through a child molestation defense attorney, who will take care of the legal process with empathy.

We are not willing to talk about ‘why?’ because there is no answer or outcome of such debates. Child molestation is one of those unspoken illnesses of our society that is still waiting for a vaccine.

Our ignorance and lack of conscience often make us as guilty as the molester. There is no point in shouting on social media. If you want a change, then take any of the following steps:

Educate yourself and Help Others

Be aware of the rights and duties you have. Get informed about when to contact a child molestation defense attorney or how to support a family who is going through such a crisis. Help them with the right information and guidance.

Maintain Discipline at your home

Encourage your kids to learn about ethical behavior and nurture their values. You are the role model for your kid. Never do anything that can motivate them to do anything wrong.

Set a Boundary

It is okay to be concerned about your child’s well being, but that does not mean that you will not give them space. Creating strict restrictions often push adolescent kids to be addicted to porn, keeping secrets, and being a rebel in a negative way.

Talk to Your Kids

An open conversation regarding rights and safety is a compulsory education that your kid should get from you. Schools are obviously there to teach them moral values. But it is important to make your kid believe that you are always there for them. No matter what, they can talk to you.

Kids often get baffled when they face a challenging situation like child molestation. They fail to decide whose fault it is or how to react. And out of fear, they usually keep things hidden from you. And this behavior encourages the molester to keep abusing the kid. It is your duty to make your kid comfortable with you.

Identify the signs

If your kid is not willing to go to the drawing class all of sudden or just not talking to anybody, then invest a bit more time on your kid. Kids are carefree by nature. Depression is just not there in their tiny dictionary. So, do not ignore if your kids are behaving unnaturally.

Check if there is an unexplainable injury that your kid is not willing to talk about or afraid to discuss. Being aloof, hostility, lack of appetite, losing spontaneity, and sudden trust issues can be the signs of child molestation. If you feel like you need professional help, then talk to child counselors immediately.

Contribute to Society

We always prefer to talk about our civil rights. But what about our duties?

Be an example to others and take part in community activities that involve supporting child molestation victims. Spend your extra time and lend a hand to those who need it most. Many privileged families are not aware of their legal rights, or they often feel scared of legal issues. Be there for them and help them get a child molestation defense attorney.

Be part of Prevention Programs

The entire legal system is basically reactive. But when it comes to issues like child molestation, it is better to be proactive and intervene before it occurs. We often ignore the signs of possible molestation, and a lot of volunteer programs are there to spread awareness regarding the downside of paying no heed to such signs. Support these programs actively or just by contributing whatever you can. Be a part of it to know more and by this you can ensure your child’s safety too.


A traumatic childhood experience can impact the whole life. A kid who has faced molestation can never be able to get over it. Your one step can save someone from a lifelong nightmare. We must save the future generation. Try to care for all those kids the way you look after your child. Do not wait for ‘someday,’ and act right away.

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