What you need to know about Skin Tightening

Skin tightening usually is a treatment where the skin is made tighter. It is achieved by building collagen and elastin in the dermal junction layers of the outer skin. Wrinkles and fine lines that generally appear on the skin, especially in the face, are replaced by a young and shiny appearing face. A person’s skin tends to get loose when growing old due to a lack of collagen and elastin. These two nutrients are the ones responsible for the tightening of the skin. The skin tightening treatments help energize the collagen and elastin production by the skin, hence becoming tighter. For more information on skin tightening and visit Dr. Kenneth Thompson.

Treatment Options for Skin Tightening

There are several ways used in helping overcome skin loosening. These treatments will improve skin elasticity. These are the ways used in bringing a solution to these problems.

Microneedling. It usually is the creation of very tiny punctures on the skin surface. The punctures help stimulate the production of elastin and collagen, which tightens the skin. The skin becomes more substantial due to the protein that is released by the collagen and elastin hormones. The skin tone, texture as well as tightness increases as time goes by.

The Viora V-ST. This is the use of RF channels that tightens the skin and reduces wrinkles. The procedure is suitable regardless of the skin type. The procedure is not painful, and no anesthesia or downtime is required when undergoing it. The results will be achieving smoother skin with a smooth texture. Firm skin is also achieved in just a few minutes. The method is most effective compared to the other ones since it also helps in reducing excess weight. The method also helps remove the sagging skin from all parts of the body.

Characteristics of a sagging skin

The most common characteristic of sagging skin is when lines start appearing in the face, generally in the eye region. This stands out to be the most common sign. The other areas where sagging may occur are regions near the jawline and the neck. The skin starts sagging when it loses its elasticity. The loss of elasticity causes the drooping of the eyebrows as well as the eyelids. The facial movements tend to be more visible than before, hence skin starts to loosen. This happens typically at the age of thirty to fifty.

How to Maintain Tight Skin

There are no shortcuts in maintaining tight skin. One has to make sure that he or she gets skin tightening treatment through medical-grade skincare. The medical team guides the patient’s selection of the best products. The medical session takes up to six months, where a healthy lifestyle is encouraged. An individual with loose skin should book an appointment today and get all the skin tightening services.

In summation, for any individual with loose skin, a word of hope is there with medical procedures and maintenance sessions with the group of trained professions, a good, nice, and tight skin is achieved, especially to the aged individuals.

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