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As a high school student, choosing the right college major from colleges like San Francisco Bay University is almost as important. Before applying for college or university, it’s essential to know what career path you are planning to embark upon after graduation. Many students study different subjects in college only to find out that they are not good at it or don’t like the subject. That’s why, before you choose a major, preparation is key. This is not a choice to be made lightly. It will impact your future.

Deciding on your major before you even start college cuts down on wasted time and money while ensuring that you have a successful career afterwards. San Francisco Bay University has compiled a list of tips for students who are trying to decide on what college major they should choose. Check out our top three suggestions to ensure you choose a major that aligns with your life priorities and career goals:

  • What Interests You?

When it comes to picking a college major, interests are important. After all, the last thing you want is to dislike your chosen area of study. If you aren’t interested in what you are studying, you won’t be motivated to complete your coursework. Can you envision yourself using at least some of the skills you are learning to succeed in the career of your choice? If not, you may not have chosen the right major.

  • What Are Your Skill Sets?

Consider what you are good at when choosing your major. Obviously, this doesn’t mean you should just blindly choose whatever you studied in high school. Remember you may discover new talents as you complete your college coursework. You may find opportunities and skills arise from being in a university setting. It is also important to remember that what you think you are best at might not align with what interests you. Striking a careful balance between what you are good at and what interests you is key to ensuring you succeed and have a happy post-university life.

  • What Jobs Are in Demand?

Future employability is an important factor in choosing a major. That’s why it makes sense to consider what kind of job prospects you will have once you graduate. Will it be difficult to find a job in your chosen field? Will you need to move to where the jobs are or are the jobs already present in your current community? These are all appropriate questions. Be sure to research professions before choosing your college major.

At SFBU, counselors are there to help you figure out not only what interests you and what your skills and strengths are, but also what major might be the right fit for you. What is most important to them? Your success. That’s why they want to make sure you are able to answer these questions truthfully. After all, once you graduate from an SFBU program, it will be up to you to reach the pinnacle of success in your chosen career.

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