What’s in the Sustainable Traveler’s Bag?

Living sustainably is more than a trend these days. It’s essentially become a necessity to protect the environment and minimize the damage we are inflicting upon it. If you want to explore what the world has to offer and you want to hop from place to place, you may be thinking about how you can do so sustainably with minimal waste and a small carbon footprint.

First, in terms of travel, it’s best to take economy flights. These carry more people and cut down on emissions since it’s a single trip carrying multiple passengers (instead of private planes, which are way less practical in terms of emissions management). Besides opting to bicycle and backpack on foot, the best transport modes are domestic rail and shared public vehicles. With that out of the way, you may be thinking, “what do I bring?” Go through this list when you pack up.

  • Solar-powered devices 

Harnessing the sun’s power has been an introduced option for decades now, but it’s becoming more accessible as of late. It’s much more affordable and manageable to power your home with solar panels and a power wall now than it was just a decade ago. You can carry this over to your traveling, using a solar power bank on the go. Big versions store energy for your entire home, and those last anywhere from half a decade to almost two decades.

Portable solar power banks are useful in travel since they allow you to be free of the grid when visiting different places. It lessens your electric consumption on the go and ensures that you can still bring around your essential gadgets without having to worry about charging. These banks store power from the sun and can then be used to charge your electronics.

  • Reusables 

It’s a given that going for reusable items is the way to go for any person advocating for sustainable living. If you’re a part of that, you likely already have much of the reusable items you need. The only consideration you have to make now is to make sure you have portable versions of things so that you can practically carry it around as you travel from place to place. Think basics like your laundry bag, utensils, shopping bag, a food container, drinking bottle, and a cup.

These days, you get these in small sizes made with sustainable materials. Then, since they are reusable, you significantly lessen the waste you produce. Just think of all the temporary food containers, bottles of water, and packaging you can nix through your travels. (laundry bag, utensils, shopping bag, food container, drinking bottle)

  • Organic zero-waste toiletries 

Going zero-waste is a great and even essential part of traveling sustainably. This applies to your toiletries as well, so try to avoid relying on market travel kits and hotel provisions that don’t fit into that. Thankfully, there are so many options you can check out today.

You can use bamboo toothbrushes, biodegradable face wipes, shampoo bars, deo tubes, and organic soap. Bring them all in a snappy little pouch, and you’re good to go. Finding good face products will likely rely on you figuring out what works for your skin beforehand, but everything else is easy to put together.

  • Waste-free first aid kit 

It’s important to have a first aid kit with you, especially if you plan on doing some adventurous stuff when you travel. It’s already known to bring a kit with you, but it may be better to put one together yourself so you can make sure that it also complies with zero-waste standards. Of course, this doesn’t mean you should scrimp on essentials like medication. For the rest of your kit, there are alternative options that effectively do the job while cutting down on plastic use. Some of these include organic cotton or silk for wound care, aloe vera for minor burns, and ice bags for aches and pains, among other things.

  • Easy-to-wash clothes and green laundry materials 

When it comes to packing, you likely already have outfits in mind for different weather, how long you’re traveling, and what look you want to achieve. That said, be mindful of the materials you choose so that you can opt to wash your clothes by hand instead of using a washing machine. This is much more sustainable, and it can be even better if you use green laundry materials like organic laundry detergent and natural fragrances.

If you can achieve these steps, you will enjoy your traveling with a lot less guilt and some more thrift.

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