What’s the price of carpet cleaning in Fredericksburg, VA?

If you live anywhere in the Greater Fredericksburg Area, VA, including the big city, as well as the Caroline, Culpeper, King George, Louisa, Orange, Spotsylvania, and Stafford counties, and you need carpet cleaning, the best solution for you is to opt for a local company. First of all, they are cheaper, secondly, they arrive much faster, and last but not least, you can be sure at least one of your friends or relatives knows them and has worked with them. In other words, you can fully trust the reviews of a local cleaning company.

If you type carpet cleaning Fredericksburg VA on Google, one of the first results you will see is Home & Business Services’ website, HBSOnTime.com. This is a family-owned local company, offering services ranging from professional cleaning (residential, commercial, window, air duct, carpet) to handyman services, home maintenance, and turnkey services. The vast majority of their reviews, both on Facebook and on their website, are highly positive, from satisfied customers, who give specific details about Home & Business Services’ employees’ work ethics and cleaning methods.

When it comes to carpet cleaning in Fredericksburg, VA, one of the most common questions asked by inhabitants of the area has to do with the price of this service. Home & Business Services’ transparency policy means that all their prices are listed on their website and social media accounts. For carpet cleaning in Fredericksburg, VA, more precisely for “carpet cleaning, tile cleaning, grout cleaning, with the hot water extraction steam cleaning method”, they charge anywhere between 100 and 475 dollars. It depends on the number and size of carpets, as well as other factors. The whole process can take “2 hours and up”, according to the same sources.

HBSOnTime.com, the most effective carpet cleaning techniques in the area

Unlike other companies offering services of carpet cleaning in Fredericksburg, VA, HBSOnTime.com does the full job, as they know customers won’t be satisfied with a superficial cleaning. “Our services include fast drying times, stain removal, pet odor removal, safe products, a quick service, free estimates, and a flexible way to pay, online or with cash or check. We also provide tile cleaning, grout cleaning, and restoration solutions, using state of the art equipment”, they mention on their official website, stating that their equipment combines high pH alkaline chemicals, hot water, safe pressure, and efficient extraction.

The hot water extraction method, also called steam cleaning, is perceived as the most effective method for carpet cleaning in Fredericksburg, VA, as it is “tough on dirt and gentle on the carpet”. HBSOnTime.com even uses an acronym to further explain their process to customers – CHAT, where: C comes from the preconditioning chemicals applied before the actual carpet cleaning; H – the use of high temperatures (or heat), to speed up chemical reactions; A – agitation, for proper chemical penetration and even distribution; and T – dwell time, so that the chemical reaction is finished before starting the soil extraction.

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