Who pays for your medical care after a car accident in Washington?

Living in Washington state and having been badly injured in a car collision? Your primary concern should be to receive good medical treatment as soon as possible. Apart from the medical treatment, you need legal help. If you or a loved one has been harmed in a vehicle accident, contact The Walthew Law Firm to schedule a case review.

Let’s come to the most important question – “Who will pay for my medical treatment following an accident in Washington?” Many crash victims are shocked to hear that, while the driver’s insurance provider is legally liable, they may not pay for the victim’s medical expenditures while undergoing treatment.

Claims involving third-party insurance physical injury are often settled in one lump amount. This happens once the injured person has undergone full medical treatment and has been released by the physician. This implies that accident victims in Washington must fund their medical bills until they are in a position to demand a reasonable settlement with their insurer. Their options after recovery include:

  • PIP (Personal Injury Protection) 

PIP coverage in Washington usually has a maximum of $10,000 to $35,000. It is no-fault, which means that affected individuals can utilize it even if they blame the incident. PIP coverage does not last long and depends on the nature and depth of an individual’s injuries due to the increasing medical aid costs in the US.


  • Health Insurance Provided by a Private Company

Affected people should utilize their health insurance coverage to fund extra medical care once PIP has been spent. If the person does not have medical insurance, they would have to pay for their hospital bills independently. They may also have to locate a medical professional near them who will work with them.

  • Medical Lien

Many providers recognize that victims could need time to recover damages, especially in the circumstances requiring legal counsel. They will withhold or otherwise postpone payment to cooperate with you on providing treatment. At the same time, your case is being resolved through a procedure known as a medical lien.

This procedure allows you to obtain the medical care you need for your recovery without hurting your finances. While simultaneously giving the medical provider a legal option to ensure they get paid for the services they offered after your accidental damage claim is properly handled.

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