Why You Are Prone To Frequent Sports Injuries

As a sportsperson, a sports injury means that you will have to miss practice, and in most cases, not participate in your favourite sport because you will be recuperating. Sadly, if you are prone to injuries, you will spend more time resting and recovering than in the field enjoying what you love.

Apart from disappointing your teammates, your value as an athlete will also be affected by this. That is why it is vital to understand why you are prone to accidents and work on getting a solution to enjoy a long prosperous career as a sportsperson. By reading this article, you will know exactly why you are prone to accidents and what you can do about it.

1.    Overtraining

Training is essential if you want to excel in any sport. However, your body has limits and pushing it beyond its limits leaves you vulnerable and at high risk of being injured in the field. That is why it is vital to work with a physiotherapy expert who can guide you on how to exercise without it becoming counteractive.

Your trainer or coach can also assist you because they have experienced, and thus they can teach you how to listen to your body.

2.    Incorrect Sports Techniques

It is not just about playing football, running a marathon or tennis. Every sport has its techniques, and your trainer or coach will always tell you if you are using incorrect techniques. Do not ignore them because if you repeat wrong techniques they can cause excessive pressure to be applied on various joints and muscles leading to injuries, back pain or knee pain.

3.    Incorrect Sporting Gear

An excellent running shoe ensures that the soles of your feet are protected. On the other hand, a helmet protects your head from injuries that can be caused by collisions with teammates, competitors or sporting equipment. The list of protective gear is quite long, and it is vital to wear the correct gear at all times while participating in your favourite sport.

You should also ensure that it is the correct fitting because if it is bigger or smaller, you may not be comfortable, thus affecting your speed and overall results.

4.    Poor Preparation

We have already discussed that overtraining can make you prone to sports injuries, but we cannot fail to mention how poor preparation may be contributing to frequent injuries. Training and preparing for a sport stretch your muscles so that they are ready for the game.

Failing to prepare properly before the main event may lead to frequent sports injuries.

5.    Post-Exercise Recovery

How you recover after an exercise or game determines the shape you will be in during your next event. That is why you should schedule a sports massage after the event so that the massage therapist can work on your strained knotted muscles.


A sports injury can bring an end to your sports career. That is why you need to be in good shape before an event to reduce the risk of being injured. Additionally, a relaxing massage post-event helps your muscles relax. Lastly, ensure that you take the necessary steps after being injured in the field to ensure your injuries heal properly and get back in shape and ready for the next event.


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