Why you need to be using LinkedIn Groups as part of your social media strategy

In order to know what a good social media strategy is, you need to know what a content marketing strategy is.

Experts explain that a content marketing strategy “revolves around the carefully considered exchange of valuable content for valuable engagement, with a commitment to identifying and measuring that value.”

LinkedIn was named as the top social media channel for helping organizations achieve specific objectives.  This is why it should play an integral part in your social media strategy.

Many people are skeptical when it comes to LinkedIn Groups because of the bad reputation self-promotion and spam gives them. However, closed communities such as Facebook- and LinkedIn Groups have become a great way to engage with the right audience.

What is a LinkedIn Group?

A LinkedIn Group is a variety of people discussing a common subject. It provides an environment where you can build solid, long-term relationships with potential customers. This can have a very positive effect on you and your business.

But why would LinkedIn work for you as a business?

Shift in social media

The time of picturesque public pages are a thing of the past. Instead, businesses are opting for niche closed communities. This is because, users give priority to meaningful content in group over public content.

A growing platform

LinkedIn offers a platform of more than 575 million professionals around the world. With the depth of filters and targeting parameters LinkedIn has to offer, you can refine the scope of your messages to reach your preferred market.

LinkedIn is superior when it comes to reaching people in a business context. Relevant profession content is the reason why many members are “linked in” to LinkedIn Groups.

Community management

Another great feature of the LinkedIn Groups, is a daily or weekly digest of all activities in the group to its members. This keeps them updated and engaged.

It also gives you the ability to send email announcements to your member once a week. Instead of it just being a notification they can swipe away, it sits in their inbox.

Avoid self-promotion and spam

Professionals in LinkedIn Groups can tell when you are being genuine. That’s why posting links that lead back to your website won’t work. If you bring great questions, give enlightening answers and provide valuable insight, people will show interest.

Building relationships

They great thing about LinkedIn Group is when people get interested in what you have to say, they can simply click on your name and it will take them back to your page.

Prospective customers will start building the foundation of a long-term relationship based on what they have learned from your LinkedIn activity.

In turn, you can build on this relationship by following their activities, and occasionally commenting on updates and  sharing content they may find interesting.

You can also reach out to them via the instant messaging feature LinkedIn has to offer.


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