A cover regarding Grafomap- Revealing Important Facts

Want to add real meaning to places visited and make them much more interesting and everlasting? Try a new way of grafomaping. The present generation is too much into photography, all devices like phones, tablets, or DSLR are full of photos. They are addicted to selfies, Facebook, Insta, and much more just to lead on others with their photographs.  But the saddest part is that only a few of these photos will actually surpass a year. Everyone tries to capture even the smallest of the moment in his or her cameras.

Everyone tries to capture even the smallest of the moment in his or her cameras especially the new parents having baby, college friends in their last year together. Many People showing off their new pets is also in trend these days. However, in a few week times, most of these have already been deleted to make space for new ones. If estimated only 1 or 2 of 100,000 photos are printed photos, the rest end up being deleted. So, is the real motive behind these photos even expressed? No!  With Grafomap person can express the true emotion related to every trip of theirs.

Grafomap is a designing company. It allows visitors to combine maps of their favorite places with filtered design creating colorful maps of those places.  Places matter the most. They touch the soul and every place weaves a part of the story of one’s life. Talking of those places takes them back in time to that place and people met along the way.  But as compared to photos of family and friends, places are harder to snapshot. And much more difficult is to express its importance in words. Make way to Grafomap. It’s an amazingly simple service that filters the places of customer’s choice and makes an art map out of it. This personalized map art creates a beautiful and attractively designed customized poster or map in no time.

How to use Grafomap?

Go to the editor page, type an address. From here, pan, drag, zoom out, or zoom in, customizing whatever is to be captured from street to country or continent. Further, choose the theme for extra. It offers one of design font, language, color, style, and scheme to make an extraordinary aesthetic.  Designs vary from:-

  • “minimal” as clean black and white to
  • “ wheatpaste” as bold red and green to
  • “carbon” as rich black and many more designs

Furthermore, it can be designed in a “blueprint” or “blue” theme. Even text can be added to it. Anything like titles, taglines, or subtitles can be used to make it even more interesting. The last step is to choose the size, material, and frame. Paper is the cheapest option and the other is canvas or metal. Usually, a frame was preferred but recently, the hanging way has come up which looks trendy and affordable too.

Not just a poster or map but even the T-shirts can be customized with a grafomap. This can be used to either decorate the house or apartment or can be gifted to loved ones.

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