The Complete Pet Shipping Guide

Moving can be challenging, especially if you have pets on board; this explains why most people simplify this process by hiring a pet shipping company. The most common pets at home include cats, dogs, and hamsters, and there are numerous shipping companies to reunite you with your pet after travelling.

On a standard level, pet shipping companies move your pet from one point to another through a shuttle or air. Pet owners should organize their pet’s trips on time to cut movement costs or consider private transportation.

Remember, your pet will have exercise breaks, drink clean water, and get the proper medication during the flight, simplifying things for the owners. These companies can also organize for the pet to get a health certificate needed to access different states.

Below we discuss how to choose a pet shipping company.

When you should Hire These Companies 

Most people prefer moving with their pets as they are already part of the family but end up going through a lot at the exact time, thus the need for a moving company. Pet moving companies are handy when you have a long drive, as you might forget important things like the pet’s medication.

Air travel also gives pet owners distinct challenges, making it ideal to consider a shipping company. These organizations will do everything on your behalf and ensure your pet joins you at the new destination shortly.

Shipping Costs 

The fee taken to move your pet from one location to another depends on several factors like the destination, origin, size and number of the pets. Most pet owners prefer the shared ground mode as it is the cheapest, although you can still move them using private means.

Most pet movers charge around $1900 to move dogs below 20 lbs. and around $200 to move them overseas.

Benefits of Hiring a Pet Moving Company 

There are numerous reasons why you should consider hiring a pet moving company; the main ones include;

Professional Expertise 

It would help if you considered hiring a pet moving company because it will provide professional expertise. A renowned pet transportation company has collaborated with different airlines before and is familiar with moving pets from one location to another.

These companies give owners insider tips and information they need and also cut through the misinformation. These companies are ideal if you do not want to take on the responsibility head-on, thus streamlining the entire process.

Less Stress

Moving pets is challenging, especially if you are moving to a different country or state. Pet owners already have a lot going on when moving, making hiring a renowned company essential.

These organizations will handle the entire process on your behalf, thus giving you time to pack and prepare for the journey.

Final Thoughts 

Pets play a crucial role in a family household, which is why most homeowners move with them when relocating. Fortunately, there are many pet moving companies today, and the above article has discussed why you should hire one.

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