Tooth Replacement Options to Alleviate the Discomfort That Comes With Dental Gaps

Tooth replacement is a big deal. Missing teeth significantly affects your eating function and smile appearance. The gaps impact your ability to bite and chew properly, making it difficult for you to enjoy the foods you love. Other implications you might also have with missing teeth include lack of support for your nearby teeth and absence of stimulation on your gums, forcing your surrounding structures to deteriorate. Over time, your teeth become misaligned, making you susceptible to tooth decay and gum infection. Are your missing teeth affecting your quality of life? If so, Campbell tooth replacement options are what you need. There are several options your dentist might recommend. However, the choice will depend on your situation and your dental needs.

What are the tooth replacement options your dentist is likely to recommend?

Regardless of why you need to replace your missing teeth, if you are searching for an option to fill your dental gaps or make adjustments to your smile’s overall appearance, your dentist may recommend the following options:

  •         Dental implants

Your dentist is likely to recommend implants when you have a single missing tooth or several missing teeth in separate areas of your mouth. The procedure prompts your healthcare professional to mount a titanium metal post into your jaw, allowing your replacement tooth to remain in position. When the implant is in place, your dentist then mounts your replacement tooth to the implant.

Implants have significant advantages. Besides being a permanent solution to missing teeth, a dental implant will prevent your nearby teeth from shifting positions. Additionally, no one will be able to distinguish the replacement tooth from your natural teeth because of their striking resemblance.

However, your doctor must ensure that you have enough bone material and are physically healthy for a surgical procedure before the treatment. Additionally, the treatment might take time to heal.

  •         Dental bridges

A dental bridge might be an option if you have a missing tooth or several missing teeth in the same spot. The tooth replacement option bridges the gaps left by a missing tooth or missing teeth in a similar area. During the treatment, your healthcare provider attaches the dental prosthetic to your adjacent teeth before bonding the bridges in position using dental cement.

Though the bridges look and feel like your natural teeth, effective cleaning beneath the bridges can be difficult. As a result, food deposits may easily find their way into the bridge, resulting in tooth decay or infection.

  •         Dentures

Dentures can either be complete or partial. The healthcare professional will most likely recommend full dentures when replacing all your teeth and removable partial dentures when replacing several missing teeth. The treatment involves using a set of replacement teeth mounted on a natural-looking pink base that resembles your gums. Although the tooth replacement option looks and feels natural in your mouth, partial dentures require constant handling, making them susceptible to damage.

Missing teeth have adverse effects on your dental and overall health. However, before you contact your dentist for a particular tooth replacement option, discuss with the healthcare expert your dental needs and the best option that might best restore your smile and dental functions. For more inquiries on tooth replacement options, talk to your dentist at Ueno Center Dental Specialists.

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